Utah’s One thing.. Viet Pham


At the end of every New Utah podcast interview we like to ask our guests, “What is the one thing that you would tell someone visiting Utah they had to do before leaving?”

Viet Pham of our episode 14 said that the one thing to visit in Utah before leaving is to get out. Hike. Explore the Wasatch mountains. There’s plenty of rivers, and waterfalls, enjoy the clean air. Get up to Lake Blanche. You can even try foraging like Viet!

Take a listen to Viet talk about his upcoming restaurant in Salt Lake, beating Bobby Flay at Iron Chef, and food that he loves…

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Ep. 14 STILL not whiskey sours…


Episode 14 of the New Utah Podcast and the toxic algae is back!! We hope that Jeremy’s hair and farm continue to thrive… And yes, Jessica can’t do math.. This is actually the 4th year of Comic con, not the 3rd!

Salt Lake Comic Con is taking place this weekend from Sept 1st (that is tomorrow) to Sept 3rd. This will be the 4th actual Comic Con event, but because of the bi-annual convention FanX it feels like way more! Held at the Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake, there are still some tickets available. Guests this year include Mark Hamill (Thursday only), William Shatner (Thursday Only), Ian Somerhalder, Catherine Bach, Stephen Amell, Michael Rooker, Famke Jensen, Lou Ferrigno, Henry Winkler, and TNUPodcasts OWN Joshua Butterfield, just to name a handful! If celebs aren’t your thing go and spend your time wandering artist alley and support many local artists such as Rybread Studio, Kat Martin, Salt City Strangers, The Truffle Cottage, and SO many more. Don’t forget to buy and most importantly compliment and talk to the artists! Josh has a panel on Friday night at 7pm (Table top gaming on a budget) and Saturday at 2pm (History of Comics by Decade: 1970’s) so go bug him!

And a shout out to Chris Provost and his AWESOME jokes!!!


If you want to get out of town and into some fresh air, the Vita Bone Sheep Dog Championship is up at Solider Hollow Friday to Monday. See some of the most precise sheep dog training in the world, literally. 44 entries from Canada to Scotland will be competing over the weekend.

This week we were joined by celebrity chef, Viet Pham. We know he is super humble and hates that but he deserves it! We get to talk to him about moving to Utah, his passion for foraging (which we look forward to having him back to talk more about), his relationship with Food Network, his upcoming show on National Geographic, and his new restaurant Pretty Bird! We will post an update when we hear when the show will air!

viet pham forager

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