Episode 70 Even Salt Lake Comic Con is lit… or something like that.


While Jeremy is enjoying some Disneyland magic…

Episode 70 Chris, Bre, and Jessica give a recap and share some interviews that The New Utah Podcast did this week at Salt Lake Comic Con with our new fancy mic!

From all the amazing cosplayers, the vendors, the panelist, and the celebrities. We took in everything! We asked people what the one thing that people had to do before they left Salt Lake Comic Con was and these were some of the answers that we got,

Utah artists Matt Page of E Pluribus MormonGo through the whole thing, it’s going to take a long time, so wear good shoes. The place is big.”

Utah Author, Johnny WorthenGo to a panel you have no interest in, to find out what you are missing. Stretch your interestsGet outside of your fandom

Mark Avo, Panelist and Comic Book writer for Salt City Strangers, “I like artist alley and meeting the artists. For most people I would say don’t miss out on the feeling of family…”

Author, MichaelBrent Collings, “urinate periodically cause doing it in costume is a real faux pas… drink lots of water… it is a physically draining thing you have to take care of yourself.”

Utah Author, Bob Defendi, “Use the bathroom, it’s a long drive…”

Father and Son Cos-players Dusty and Corbin, Corbin who is an amazing whistler: “definitely get a dragon… a little one.” Dusty, “get a dragon… we have tons of them.

Utah artists, Ben Byrd, “make sure you walk the entire floor, look at all the artists. Make sure you’re looking at all the tables,  you could miss something really cool…

Local wood knot artisan, Shawn Wilson with W.K. Wilson, “...must go down the dealer alley because there is some cool dang stuff here…”

The Truffle Cottage Blair, “come to the Truffle Cottage obviously… eat their favorite super hero or villian…” Jennie, “if you haven’t been by the Truffle Cottage it’s the one place you can get your sweetest piece of fandom…” AND from Blair “go and play Dungeons and Dragons like a cool person.”

Utah Author, David J West, “…i say take in as many of the people as you can.. all the freaks come out at night.” AHOY! (and we don’t think he got Jessica’s cosplay)

ABC 4 Utah camera man, Greg, “…come to comic con in a costume because that is the best part

Utah Artists, Heather Dixon, “… definitely get the candied nuts and take picture of your favorite cos-play because you never know when you’ll see them again

Cosplayer kid, Jake from State Farm, “get Pokemon stuff, cause Pokemon is lit...”

Cosplayers King Arthur and Patsy (which it was actually the DAD that was Patsy and daughter who was the King), “have fun and find what you want and seek it out…” (get it… find your grail…)

The Cosplay was unreal as always, we have an amazingly creative community! Here are some of the highlights …

Dusty and Corbin as Odin and Thor with Lucy as Thor. SLCC 17 Photo by Scott Bredthauer

Carrie Johnson as Jean Gray’s Phoenix. Photo by Chiseled Light Photography Salt Lake Comic Con

Monty Python cosplay. Photo Jessica Richardson

Tim the Enchanter and bunny at Salt Lake Comic con 17. Photo By Jessica Richardson

You Shall Not Pass Cosplay. Photo By Jessica Richardson











The Mayor Nightmare Before Christmas at SLCC 17. Photo By Jessica Richardson

Bob Wylie Cosplay SLCC 17 by Jessica Richardson

Bob Wylie Cosplay SLCC 17 by Jessica Richardson











Yesterday was the grand opening of Olio Skin Co. and Aimee’s Home Cookin Spice Blends in Sugarhouse! We were excited to go check out the new space. They will be hosting an open house Friday and Saturday 10-4pm at 2157 E 2100 S.


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