Episode 67 Trent Hunsaker hates circus peanuts.


The world might be on fire, flooding, and without power but we’re still here!

The New Utah Podcast was honored to have veteran podcaster/producer, Trent Hunsaker, on the show this week. You may know him best from his Pub Trivia podcast, Show Us your Wits, which is Utah’s only pub trivia podcast! Trent records Show us Your Wits at the Beehive Pub and Grill in Logan (with the best gelato in Utah). Perhaps you have seen him on a panel or moderating a panel at Salt Lake Comic Con. Or maybe you have been to his comic book store in Logan Utah, Death Ray Comics, which has unfortunately closed. Regardless, one thing we know, Trent hates circus peanuts.

Trent gave us an insight to being part of panels at Salt Lake Comic Con. With the event so close, it was pretty rad to hear what he would like to see more and less of. The idea of having more one on one panels and a greater range of fandom topics were definitely on our list of improvements for Comic Con as well. Trent also broke it down for us for how he got involved with Kevin Smith’s Smodcast. Sometimes picking up a phone and making a call is what you need to do. We also learned that he loves wrestling, Popeye’s chicken, and fried cheeseburgers from Wyoming. He and Chris are bonded for life. Trent is involved in many different projects. You can go to Trents panels at Salt Lake Comic Con September 21-23rd. You can hear him on Show us Your Wits, Death Ray Comics, Death Ray wrestling, and on NetHeads On-Air Podcast ! Besides his podcasts, Trent is best found on the Twitter and on Instagram and at Death Ray Media.




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