Episode 75 Utah Anime Banzai Adventures


Wrapping up our visit to the Utah Halloween Expo, we share our interview with Demented Design Studios this episode! They came all the way from New Orleans to the Utah Halloween Expo and they brought some of their amazing props. From clowns, to big old slabs of meat (which were used in Constantine), and hanging flesh, to face pies!!! We loved talking to them while they were in town and we sure hope they come back because they were an amazing asset to the expo!

Episodes 75 also took us, a bunch of noobs, to the Utah Anime Banzai in Layton, Utah! This was their 13th year as Utah’s premier anime convention. We were super excited to be there and wasn’t quite sure what to expect! To give you a lay of the land, the convention center is rather small, which is nice because it makes it an intimate event. There are panels, a gaming room, an artists room, rooms where they are showing anime films and shows, and a huge cosplay contest just to name a few of the events.

We had a chance to talk to one of the head volunteers/staff to get an idea of the size and why they do what they do. Walking around the event we noticed that about 85% of the patrons were dressed up! So awesome to see a community so tight knit, even though all the anime they were there for is different. Lo and behold we also ran into our favorite cosplay-er, Victor Sine! It was fun to chat with him for a minute. Having a podcast room at the Anime Banzai made us feel super important. We tested out some Japanese treats like mochi, some custard buns, and gummie candies. Last year we met the super talented and busy movie/tv script supervision and prop designer, Crit Killen. We finally got to sit down with him for a moment and talk to him about some of his projects! With over 85 film projects under his belt, we can’t wait to have him back to go more in depth. We are so excited he is local!
















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