Episode 78 No Regerts with Utah Tattoo artist Sam Goodwin


We are coming to you from the crossroads… oh wait.. it’s we’ll see you at the crossroads, so you won’t be lonely!

We hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and you are getting ready to shop local!

Looking for a tattoo? Need a new artist? Do you collect art from different tattoo artists? Need a Utah tattoo artist who listens and is easy to chat with? Stay tuned to this weeks episode then! We were joined by the very talented and super down to earth, local Utah tattoo artist, Sam Goodwin. Sam tattoo’s at the Blaque Salt Studio on 930 S Main Street in Salt Lake City. We made sure to find out how Sam got into tattooing, how he uses Jedi mind tricks in tattooing, and if there is a spot that shouldn’t be tattooed! Sam also let us know how he mentally prepares for those long sittings. Street burritos seems to be the trick. Yes, we know, things got a little out of hand and we couldn’t stop giggling.

Check out his work on his Instagram and to book and appointment. If you walk in, just ask for the dude with the red beard. Here is such a very small example of some of his beautiful work:
















We hope as you prep for your holidays that you can take at least a small pledge to shop local! We have so many amazing people that are working hard in our communities to build them up.

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