Episode 62 Pinewood Derby’s and kids.


Jeremy was off this week being the pit crew for his sons pinewood derby race! Great news is he came in 7 out of 21 with his hummer!

derby cars

Chris and Bre’s run down of the mind-set of a new teenage driver may have you holding on to the keys of your next driver.  Jessica headed to the Topaz Museum and Japanese Relocation camp in Delta last week. If you didn’t know, Utah has a sordid past, which includes an internment camp during WWII for Japanese Americans. Also, Did anyone know that Dr. Seuss is racist?

Without a guest this week it was great to talk about fair season which is coming up throughout the next couple months. Jessica’s has major grievance with a local farmers market. And Chris’ garden is finally growing!

Events this weekend:

Thyme and Place: Mint Tea Making workshop Saturday 6th.

Spiderfest at Antelope Island. Yes, like real spiders! Friday 5th

Kimball Arts Festival Main Street, Park City. Friday 4th -Sunday 6th

Raspberry days in Bear Lake all weekend!! Raspberry shakes for EVERYONE!

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