Episode 38 We are NOT talking Republican, we promise.


Our show started with FINALLY getting to try Jessica’s famous omelettes!

This week on The New Utah Podcast we didn’t schedule a guest because sometimes we just like to hear ourselves talk. We spent some time talking about our legislature and what is going on up on “the hill.”Are you aware of the bills that are being talked about and going through session? We are trying to keep you up to date on as many as we can. What ones are important to you?

Do you think Utah can keep the Outdoor Retailers?

We also touched, with a 10 foot pole, the Jason Chaffetz town hall. That is the only kind of pole he should be touched with. Have you sent your invoice to him for your wasted time at the town hall?



Tonight our friend Nick Passey and his band, Folk Hogan, are joined by Jeff Dillon and Fork Root at the Urban Lounge for a show. If you want something to do tomorrow and Saturday you can head to the LTUE symposium in Provo (that’s the Life, The Universe, and Everything) where you can listen to David J. West on panels about writing! Also!! Arena football is back in Utah with the SL Screaming Eagles first game tonight.

Also… if you’re interested or you know someone that knows someone, Chris is looking to sell his Magic: The Gathering card collection!!!

We also still have our OLIO Beard Oil code “THENEWUTAH” to save your 25% and we have just a few more days to give away Wizarding Dayz tickets! (enter on our Facebook page)

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