Episode 6: Festival Season approacheth


Episode 6 of the New Utah Podcast delves into a kickstarter trying to fund a signaling phone case that says it wants to be tactical but we feel is targeting the wrong audience.

Summer is here and so are the Utah Events! Utah has one of the best Shakespeare companies in the country. Located in Cedar City, Utah The Shakespeare Festival started at the end of June and will run until mid-October. Some of the shows this year include Much Ado About Nothing, Three Musketeers, and Mary Poppins.


The Payson Scottish Festival also this weekend, June 8-9. This event is free and features more Highland games, dance competition, and of course bagpipes!

Utah had a ground breaking moment during the primary elections by electing democrat, Misty Snow, to run against Mike Lee for a senate seat.

On a sad note, teen suicide rates are alarmingly up in Utah. What is causing this?

Oh and keep your eye out for a douchebag thief that preys on Marines. And should you REALLY be able to marry your computer?

and don’t forget to get your Slurpee on 7/11!!


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