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Misty K. Snow met with The New Utah Podcast on September 6th, 2016 to discuss her platform on women’s issues vs. Mike Lee and his non-existent platform on women’s issues.

Legalization of Marijuana:

Misty is passionate about the benefits of decriminalization and the benefits to medical marijuana.

Equal pay for Women and preventing pay discrimination and creating paid maternity leave:

The United States is one of the only countries, with one of the highest populations in the world, that does NOT offer PAID maternity leave. Misty K. Snow’s platform stands strongly in providing paid leave for our mothers. There is nothing protecting the jobs of these mothers while they are on leave. Currently a woman is allowed 12 weeks of UNPAID maternity leave, when other countries are starting to even offer paternity leave. It is time to step our game up and provide for the mother’s that provide for us. Misty feels incredibly passionate about making sure that these mother’s are taken care of so that children are nurtured during that first impressionable part of their lives.

Mike Lee voted “Nay” in equal pay. Government tends to think there isn’t a pay gap and have seemed to wipe their hands clean by saying it needs to be controlled by the “market.” Misty K. Snow wants people to talk about what they make. It is not illegal to have that conversation. Employers put in their hand books that these conversations cannot take place, and Misty wants to create laws that allow the conversation without repercussions. Another contributor in the pay gap/creating a living wage is the fact that women are 2/3 of the minimum wage workers.

Violence against Women Re-authorization Act:

The act did pass in the Senate, but Mike Lee voted “Nay” at the time. This act promotes and provides services for women that are in a domestic violence situation or women that are part of international trafficking. Resources such as housing, counseling, etc. Misty K. Snow points out that priorities are skewed because there are more animal shelters in the U.S. than there are women’s shelters. The bill will be up for reconsideration again in 2018 and Misty said her vote will be “Yay” for funding and protecting these women and their families.

Remember to vote for the Senate you can live ANYWHERE in Utah.

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