Utah’s One Thing: Dylan Mazziotti of Your Cre8tivity Podcast and Lennon Design


At the end of every New Utah interview we like to ask our guests, “What is the one thing that you would tell someone visiting Utah they had to do before leaving?”

Dylan Mazziotti of Lennon Design and the Cre8tivity Podcast joined us for episode 59. Dylan said that the one thing that someone visiting Utah must do before leaving is to check out Utah’s local comedians at the WiseGuys Comedy Club.

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Music by local Utah Band: Bootleggers Dance by Folk Hogan

Episode 40… Golden Spike Comedy Festival 2017


Episode 40 brought back Chris 2.0!!!

If you need a run down of the 2017 Utah Legislation session and bills, we got it for you. You want a reminder to get your butt checked. We got that for you too!!

The New Utah was elated to have Travis Tate back in studio. This time Chris 1.0 was in house too! Travis joined us to talk about the upcoming Golden Spike Comedy and Podcast Fest March 8-11th and his May the 4th headlining how both which will be at WiseGuys at the Gateway downtown Salt Lake City. You can follow him on Facebook and support your local comedians!



Need something to do THIS weekend?? Starting today, the 2nd the Utah Music Fest will be in full swing! 54 LOCAL Utah bands and 12 of our venues and presented by City Weekly and Five Wives Vodka. Tickets are $25 and that gets you to all the shows you want.

utah music fest.jpg

Our friend Derek and his band Tragic Black will be performing at American Gothic at Area 51 on Saturday. Drag Brunch and Drag Dinner are now moving to every week shows! Also, this weekend at the Davis Conference Center in Layton is the Salt Con Board Game Convention. Play Games, Buy Games, Sell Games… just go play!! Tickets available at the door.


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