Episode 58 Hippos are Fast and Dangerous too!

Since it was the 4th of July, we decided to just have a show to ourselves. Greedy, aren’t we!?
The festivities are done for a couple weeks til we circle ’round to the 24th of  July or Pie and Beer day as we like to celebrate!
This week we talked about marijuana being sold in Nevada legally now. Which not sure what the big deal is, our east side neighbor has already been doing it! Jason Chaffetz is FINALLY out of his Senate seat. Praise the wee baby Jesus.
With many of our Utah breweries recently winning awards, and because we love our local liquor and brewers, episode 58 we did a run through of the Brewers Byway that Kathy Stephenson – The Salt Lake Tribune reported on. We are lucky to have an influx of craft beers in Utah and each of them add something unique to the Utah brewing community!
Here are links to each Brewery on the Byway…
West Side Tavern (Utah Brewers Coop)


brewers byway utah map.jpg


And no… Jessica’s vagina still doesn’t talk… as far as we know.


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Music by local Utah Band: Bootleggers Dance by Folk Hogan