Utah’s One Thing: Chanda Chuon


At the end of every New Utah interview we like to ask our guests, “What is the one thing that you would tell someone visiting Utah they had to do before leaving?”

During episode 45 Chanda Chuon told us that the one thing that people should do when visiting Utah is make sure to buy liquor before you come to the state… yea we know, we know… But Chanda also said to head to Southern Utah for some hiking! The Outbound Collective has compiled a great list of 25 must-do hikes in southern Utah so click HERE for that list!


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Ep. 9 The Creepy Toxic Algae’s in the farm… or is it?


Episode 9 is upon you like the algae in Utah Lake!

Our kickstarter for this week is a local board game, Armored Core™ RTS – A Real Time Strategy Board Game by Bad Crow games. We were excited when we pulled it up but the opinions took a quick turn…

Some great Utah events in line for you this week! Including the Halloween in July party on Thursday 28th as well as Eve 6 on Friday the 29th, and both are at Metro Bar.


Utah is also hosting the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival! Modeled after the massive festival that takes place in Edinburgh every year, there will be plenty of performance artists, musicians, magicians, and theatre performances worth seeing. Some highlights include; aerialists, an all female Othello modeled after Mad Max, and even Fed Up Fairy Tales, a modern take on fairy tales. It is also awesome that 100% of ticket sales go BACK to the performers!!

The Kings English book store  will be on hand to sell and host (?) an event on the 28th (apologies the event location is wrong in the podcast). Meet and listen to author and survivor, Rhonda Stapley. She was one of Ted Bundy’s victims and has written a book called, “The Attack, Escape, and PTSD that changed my Life.” The event is free and the official location is: at the West Jordan Library and Events Center: Viridian Events Center 8030 S. 1825 W. West Jordan, UT 84088.

August 1st is the start of the Tour of Utah, which is essentially Utah’s version of Tour De France. The cyclists will start in Southern Utah and work their way up over a course of 7 days to Park City. We aren’t really sure what Josh is talking about… do you?

This week we had a lot to cover in News. Utah Lake was taken over by a toxic algae and the effects stretched farther than just Utah County and had local farmers, including Peterson Farms, up in arms because their crops are their lively-hood. Check out a video by the Salt Lake Tribune showing it creeping into a harbour at Utah Lake by clicking HERE.

Sen. Jim Debakis is putting down his foot and *fingers crossed* getting ready for a fight to change and privatize the Utah liqour laws. We’re here to cheer you on sir!


Real Salt Lake Re-instates Gordon Monson, the Gay Games could make their home in Salt Lake in 2022, and the fight continues for the Bears Ears Monument.

We also learned a little about the inventor of the television, Philo T. Farnsworth, who is local to Utah. Not only did he invent the television from just an idea of lines in the dirt from beets, but he also worked on night vision and tried to solve the puzzle of cold fusion before his death.

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