Utah’s One Thing: Kitchen Eighty-Eight Brandon Clark


At the end of every New Utah podcast interview we like to ask our guests, “What is the one thing that you would tell someone visiting Utah they had to do before leaving?”

Brandon Clark of Kitchen Eighty Eight‘s and episode 10 said that one thing a visitor should do in Utah before leaving is get up to Midway, Utah. Midway to Brandon is a beautiful place, it’s where he proposed to his wife, and it’s hidden. Brandon suggests while you are visiting to go to Cafe Galleria Pizza.


Listen to Brandon talk about his delicious food and his love for Midway, Utah:

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Ep. 10 Stalking Kitchen Eighty Eight and dirty whore mouths.


Episode 10 is in your face, unlike a stalker waiting around the corner for you… That was creepy a little creepy, huh. Sound quality issues aside… we had a great show!

We were excited to have Brandon Clark, the owner of the SUPER delicious and fresh Kitchen Eighty-Eight food truck. It was great hearing his back story, his passion for food and what he is doing with that passion, going to school at the CIA (that’s the prestigious Culinary Institute of America) although it is fun to just say “CIA.” If you are in the in Utah County area, check out Brandon’s fresh and perfectly cooked meat and potato offerings. Find out where he will be on Instagram @kitcheneightyeight or Facebook Kitchen Eighty Eight

kitchen 88 utah

The UFC® fights are punching and kicking their way to Utah for the first time! With 12 fights and one local fighter, Court McGee, it looks to be a great round of fights. Despite what the guys say about being a lack lustre fight card… let’s be honest, anyone who is brave enough to get their ribs kicked and their face punched is a great fight card!

UFC Fight Mcgee Utah

This weekend is the Taste of the Wasatch at Solitude Ski resort. Tickets are $105 and the event will feature 50 Utah chefs! That alone is worth the price, but to add to the awesomeness 100% of the money will go to fight Utah hunger.


The Salt Lake Comic Con sponsored Zombie walk is August 7th. Come dressed up, get dressed up there, and wander the streets. If you bring a bag of non-perishable food for the Utah Food bank you will receive a Thursday pass to Comic Con (Sept.1st-3rd).

The New Utah talks about how two Utah cities make the list for top places for entrepreneurship! Livibility.com teamed with BusinessClimate.com and Entrepreneur magazine to rate the best cities in America for being an entrepreneur. Provo rated at #3 and Salt Lake City at #12!

And hear Chris not let Josh be right… even though he was. Thanks Harry-It Winston!

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