Episode 34 Taking a ride on the Ativan…


The New Utah Podcast met up this week with an old friend, local author David J. West. We met at the Halloween Expo in October and we’re so excited to have him on this week to talk about his new book, “Scavengers (A Porter Rockwell Adventure)” which is being released on January 24th through Amazon. (but you can pre-order now!) David even has a special running next week for the release of Scavengers!! (which you’ll just have to listen to get your deal)  From Montana, to Los Angeles, settling in Utah. David has found a passion and knack for writing historically based western, sci-fi, fantasy and horror (not whore) books! The new release focuses on local Utah favorite, Porter Rockwell!!


Sundance starts TODAY!!! Download the app, and get out to see some great movies and remember to support your local restaurants while you are out and about. The time has come *sigh* and this week we have a transition of power *coughTrumpcough*  This weekend is the Women’s March on DC and there are several Women’s Marches happening in Utah this weekend. The largest are on Saturday the 21st on Main Street in Park City and Monday the 23rd at the State Capitol (which coincides with the first day of Utah Legislature in session).  The beautiful DC to PC poster below is by local artist, Lindsey E. Larsen Myer is available for purchase in Park City (info at the bottom of the picture).


And if you’re feeling brave … head to Utah Lake State Park on Saturday for the Frigid 5k and Penguin Plunge!!!

Then head to Club X on Sunday for your monthly fill of Drag Brunch with our friend Harry-It Winston!



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Ep31. Drag Queen’s selling Tupperware in Uncle Rico’s van!


The New Utah decided to break down 2016 Utah news stories and what we remembered. With everyone’s lists not out yet, we built our own. From Utah tornado’s, Bears Ears (which at the time of recording hadn’t been announced), the loss of some great Utah Officers, flooding in southern Utah, and of course the toxic algae… I think we survived 2016 okay! (hopefully Jessica doesn’t get poisoned)

New Years is just around the corner and there are events up and down the Wasatch Front. That includes Viva La Diva Dinner show at ClubX Friday AND Saturday.  (yes, you can have omelettes for dinner, but our events mistress won’t be cooking them this time) and local comedian and podcaster, Jay Whittakter doing two nights at Wiseguys in Ogden. Who doesn’t want to bring in the new year with a good laugh???

15741301_10157976283065427_1872640023035395389_n                 15780762_10154845642801565_4793428421592190537_n

Guess What!!! Our guest this week we finally snagged the incomparable Miss Harry-It Winston!!! Former Miss City Weekly, Tupperware sales lady, and creator of SLC Drag Brunch. Harry-It talks to us about moving from small town USA, coming out to parents, and getting into drag! We were so excited she was finally able to join us.


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Episode 29… Socks and Porn go hand in hand.


Yep, we said that…

Episode 29 is here to warm your feet and your soul. And maybe make you laugh a little.

Oh, porn in Utah. Governor Herbert wants to spend about 50k because well, you know… porn in a health risk. (this is us, rolling our eyes) What do you think? Public health crisis or people should just keep it in the closet??

10 days til Christmas and there is still time to hit up the Winter Market at Rio Grande this weekend. The Trolley Square Gift market Friday and Saturday, and next week on Wednesday the Sugarhouse Gift Market! There are plenty of local artists and creators that can meet your present needs this season. Plus, we just really want you to shop local. Before you head out shopping on Sunday, head to SLC Drag Brunch for a Christmas show.

And Saturday the 17th, our friends at Mountain West Cider are unveiling a special release they have teamed up with The Green Urban Lunch Box for!! This is limited release.



Our guests this week brought us chat on mental health and the geek community. Aaron and Katie Burton of the Geek Therapist podcast chatted with us about their show, Utah homeless, and mental health through Utah’s geek culture. Visit their website here: GEEK THERAPIST


VW Southtowne is collecting socks for the next month for the homeless. Did you know socks are the #1 requested item, the quickest to wear out, and the least donated??


One more thing… if you are having a hard time this holiday season and are feeling sad and no hope. Please reach out to the Suicide prevention line.


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Ep. 20 Lazily Progressive


Where do we even start… We made it to 20 you guys! Thank you for sticking around so far. We have plenty more fun in store for you and love to hear your feedback and what YOU want to hear about Utah.

A couple of great events this weekend. I am Salt Lake podcast and I am Change are hosting a Domestic Violence Uncensored Panel this Friday at the Sorenson Unity Center tickets are $5. Drag Brunch SLC is this SUNDAY… have a delicious buffet breakfast while watching a broadway impersonation show!

The Halloween Expo is this weekend! We are so excited to be guests there in booth 344 at the back of the venue next to Castle of Chaos. We will be doing some Facebook live recordings, and making sure we get plenty of great interviews for those of you that can’t make it. If you CAN make it, make sure to purchase your tickets online with the 35% off PROMO code: THENEWUTAH


Sit down, and Hraefn Wulfson will tell you a story! Hraefn (the proper spelling of what you now know as, Raven) is the Master of Ceremonies for the Halloween Expo! He is also an artist and a special effects and production designer with a beautiful resume behind him. A Washington, to Los Angeles, to Arizona, to Utah transplant… well, we will let HIM tell the story…. (photo by Marc Reynolds)


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Ep.16 Every day is Halloween…


Episode 16 is buzzing into your ears… 16 means we missed celebrating our quinceanera! There wasn’t even cake…  This past week there was an adventure in apiculture and it proved to be quite bounteous for Josh and Jeremy!


Last weekend we were honored to be invited into the DINK studios owned by Kerry Jackson. Kerry is one of the hosts of Radio From Hell on local station x96. He is also one of the founding members of Geek Show podcast. It was great to talk to him about chickens, toys, and crazy family members. Part 1 of our interview is in this weeks podcast. Kerry, Thanks for letting us listen!!

We highly suggest that you Do NOT “Fuggedaboutit”(enter gratuitous eye roll here)… that is the Festa Ialiana! We may be in Utah but we have some amazing Italian restaurants and traditions that will be represented this weekend at the Gateway on the 16th and 17th.

festa italian utah.jpg

Another groundbreaking event that is going into its 4th year, is the Provo Pride Festival. We were joined by the sassy pin-up,  Miss Feral Ann Wilde, who was a former member on the board of trustee’s and was the first reigning Righteous Miss Provo in 2013! This event was created in the super conservative town of Provo to create inclusion for a community that often feels excluded. Events kick off on Friday the 16th and the festival continues Saturday the 17th. This weekend also brings your monthly Drag Brunch at Club X on the 18th!


Ok, now come in close and listen up! We promise that it’s not to early for Halloween talk! The New Utah Podcast was excited to be joined this week by the creators and minds behind Utah’s first Halloween Expo and Show. We are telling you now, this isn’t your mom’s Halloween craft show AND to add on top of the awesomeness, we got a “you heard it first” moment when they announced that contestants from SyFy’s FaceOff would be joining their event! This Halloween event will bring animatronics, Halloween hair battles, workshops, paranormal guests, and MORE! We can’t even begin to tell you the magic that Jason, Ryan and their team  have been putting together for Utah. We cannot wait to have them back!

The event runs October 14-16th and tickets are on sale now at UtahHalloweenExpoandShow.com

Keep up with announcements on Halloween Expo and Show Facebook and Instagram.


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Ep.11 Sweeter than bee vomit & wrapped in a burrito!


The New Utah Podcast is coming at you drenched in glitter and wrapped in a burrito this week!!

Utah has TOO many awesome events going on this weekend. Ok, never mind, there is no such thing as TOO many…

The 8th annual Craft Lake City is at the Gallivan Center this weekend. It starts on Friday the 12th at 5pm and runs until Sunday 14th. This is a great opportunity to see over 200 stellar local artists, musicians, and foodies that live and create in Utah.

Craft Lake City dates

Another great event featuring the talent of Utah and will get you out of town. Head up to main street in Park City and partake in the Kimball Arts festival. Held as a fundraiser for the Kimball Arts center, this event also features local artists, musicians, and chefs AND… and a beer garden. Need we say more? Yes, we must say more. We say do one day in Salt Lake and then head up to Park City for the other! Whatever you chose, just get your Utah’s Own on this weekend!


Or if you want something more low-key on Sunday from 9-3pm (so Craft Lake City on Friday, Kimball Arts Festival Saturday, and the Urban Flea Market) you can hit up the once-a-month Urban Flea Market at 6th South and Main Street in Salt Lake City that features over 80 vintage vendors. This month features Utah’s Own,  Harry-It Winston, and her retro tupperware party!

This week TNUP had the honor of interviewing Utah’s premier gender illusionist, Indi Skies. A native to Utah, Indi has made her name in the drag and LGBT community over the last 6+ years. Indi has recently taken over the promotions hat at Club Jam in downtown Salt Lake and is starting “Frigay.” Come on, you know you want to say it… Friiiigay…

Indi’s involvement in the Utah LBGT community started with but has not been limited to, reigning as Princess in the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire, representing Utah in a national pageant, a founder of the Ladies of Marmalade, and you can catch her once a month at Salt Lake City’s award winning Drag Brunch! You can have one of those omelettes that Chris is always talking about AND watch Indi perform!

Indi is so eloquently spoken. Touching on having vision in life and with her character, the importance of genuine relationships, and what it takes to get ready for a show!  And listen to where Indi would tell someone that is visiting Utah that they must go to before leaving Utah!indi skies headshot smaller

Moody or not, we love the passion and pain that is put into this entertainment!

When a straight man puts on a dress and gets his sexual kicks, he is a transvestite. When a man is a woman trapped in a man’s body and has a little operation he is a Transsexual. When a gay man has way too much fashion sense for one gender he is a drag queen.” –Noxema Jackson, To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.

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Ep. 7: Is Salt Lake really that rude?


Dry ramen is how we roll… We might be out of college, but it’s never to late to eat a package of dry ramen WITH the packet sprinkled on top.


We found a great Utah Kickststarter, The Kloudline, which promises to offer the worlds lightest dog leash!

We discuss a very intense and touchy subject of Tyler Glenn and his music video he released a couple months ago about his feelings towards the Mormon church. Tyler’s video sparked a tough conversation at the release, OH and we love his mom.

Did you know that Salt Lake City made it to the top list of the rudest cities in America? We have a hard time believing this, but if the internet says it’s true…

Upcoming events include Utah’s monthly Drag Brunch and the Damn these Heels LGBTQ film festival starts this weekend.


Lassos, spurs, and shit…. yes, this weekend is the Ute Stampede down in Nephi, Utah is bar-none one of the best rodeos in Utah!

Did you know Salt Lake is one of the top cities for concerts? This summer is bringing acts like Rusted Root, Howard Jones, Keith Urban, James Taylor, Korn and Rob Zombie, Psychedelic Furs, Chicago, 21 Pilots, and MUCH more. Some of a few great places to find local concert announcements at SmithsTix, The Depot, The Complex, Red Butte, and United Concerts. You can also follow @utahconcerts on the twitter for a rundown of upcoming shows.

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Episode 2: MUV Kickstarter and Legistlative Porn?


This episode we discuss the MUV Kickstarter which is a clean water filter that is transportable where ever you go!

We also discuss Larry Flint sending the Utah Legislature an issue of Hustler.

Upcoming events included the famous Utah Scottish Festival and June’s Drag Brunch. Yep, folks there are Drag Queens in Salt Lake that put on a monthly brunch and it is even award winning, who knew!

Utah Pride Festival 2016

We also speak to Josh Butterfield of Go Lightly Realty about starting up in real estate in Utah!

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