Utah’s One Thing: Jeff of Mountain West Cider


At the end of every New Utah interview we like to ask our guests, “What is the one thing that you would tell someone visiting Utah they had to do before leaving?”

Previously we were joined by Jen of Mountain West Cider in episode 18 but this time, for episode 63, we were able to ask Jeff the other owner of Mountain West Cider what his one thing someone visiting Utah should do! Jeff said to check out the craft brewing scene in Utah. He also said go to church. As in go to the Tabernacle at Temple Square and check out the flowers in the spring or the lights in the winter. Jeff said that Salt Lake City is to the Mormon church like Rome is to the Vatican. We think he has a point. We also love putting brewing and the LDS church SLC temple grounds in the same entry!

Mormonnewroom.org Mormonism in Pictures

MormonNewsRoom.Org Time Lapse Video of Lights on Temple Square

Only in your State has a great list but there are a couple missing like Proper Brewing and RoHa Brewing to name a couple!

We did a list on episode 58 about the Brewery on the ByWay from the Salt Lake Tribune that has many of Salt Lake City’s brewers locations in downtown Salt Lake.

brewers byway utah map.jpg

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Episode 63 Hard Cider in Utah


The New Utah Podcast was honored to be invited to record at Mountain West Cidery this week! It seems like it was just yesterday that Jen, co-owner, joined us for episode 18! This time we got Jeff, also an owner, and Jess their marketing guru!

First things first. Did you know that in Utah cider is classified as a wine? Yea, we didn’t either and it’s kind of dumb. The only way to change these silly laws is to get in with the legislative sessions like Jeff has been doing! If you are interested in helping, just reach out to them. Mountain West Cider is heavily involved in the community, which we love, and are currently wrapping up their second year of Gay Ruby for Utah Pride celebration. After we spoke to Jen last year they introduced Desolation to their line up, proceeds from bottle sells support the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. This bottling brings them to four; 7 Mile, Ruby, Desolation, and Cottonwood. They are working on a second release of Stillwater, which is their hard cider aged in High Whiskey barrels for 6 months! Yum! They are getting ready for their second annual 4th West Oktoberfest at the end of September, doing quarterly gallery strolls with local artists, an upcoming partnership with Subaru, and a third Thursday of the month exercise and cider night! They also book events at their space if you are interested.

Partnering again with Green Urban Lunch Box, look for their bottling this fall of their second edition mash up of apples! You can find them on ALL the social media’s; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now SnapChat!



Hang on to your beards!! Our friends from Olio Skin and Beard Co. are presenting this years 4th Annual Beard and mustache competition at Snowbird to kick of Oktoberfest!

Craft Lake City will be in full swing at the Gallivan Center this weekend.

The Food Truck and Brewery Battle will be at the Gateway on the 12th from 5-10pm. Sample local fare and beer! Then vote for your favorite!

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