Episode 84 We wish we were 12: Stand Wars Comic Book Creation


Sometimes we get to reach outside Utah and bring people into the fold! This week for episode 84 we were contacted by the artists who did our podcast caricature, Art Dimes. Made up of the team of Emmy-nominated story-board and FX artist Jeff West and entrepreneur/mouth piece/artist Trey McCoy. Both currently based out of Arizona, we were fortunate to have them Skype in with us to tell us about an amazing project they have coming up!

We met Art Dimes at Salt Lake Comic Con a year and a half ago. We were looking for someone that would make us look super fun and capture who we were in a nutshell. We think they did a pretty swell job. We sure hope to see them back again this year and we will make sure to show them around the Utah we’ve all know and love!

Chris, Jessica, Bre, and Jeremy

A year ago, Jeff and Trey partnered up with 12 year-old Ozzy Passin, yes a 12 year-old folks, to help bring his comic book story to fruition! Ozzy is based in NYC and had a vision for Stand Wars to come to life. Stand Wars is about a dream to make it to a video game competition. The journey getting there, the experiences with bullying, and other pre-teen adventures. Jeff and Trey have been assisting in the art work as well as web design, promotion, and the upcoming Kickstarter (which we will add to this as soon as it goes live). We tried to get them to give us some upcoming work but it’s all a secret! So more to come from Art Dimes for sure! We will keep you updated as it comes down the pipeline.

We can’t imagine being 12 and having the support that Jeff and Trey have been offering to Ozzy to make his dream come true by creating Stand Wars.

Plus, who doesn’t love friends that meet through tacos?

If you are looking for animation, art work, story-boarding, etc. you can reach out to them at www.artdimes.com and sign up for their newsletter. Make sure to follow them over on Facebook and Instagram creating art!

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