Misty Vs. Mike: Wasteful Spending


Misty K. Snow met with The New Utah Podcast on October 4th, 2016 to discuss her platform on wasteful spending vs. Mike Lee and well, his votes against such issues and what she see’s as wasteful spending.

First of all, Misty K. Snow will be debating Mike Lee on October 12th at BYU. As of this entry, it will be broadcast on KSL, KTVX(channel 4), KUED, FOX13.2 Antenna TV, KBYU and hopefully CSPAN. It will also be on KSL radio and Utah Public Radio.


 What IS considered “wasteful spending” in the government?

Misty K. Snow talked to the New Utah about how the broad the topic of wasteful spending actually is and how subjective it is.

Cutting deficit is part of wasteful spending, but the only way to do that is increase revenues. Things like corporate tax loopholes also effect spending.

Social Security and health care are brought up a lot in conversations about wasteful spending. Should it be cut? Misty K Snow recognizes the amount of money that is in the account from America citizens withholding’s, and that it is the people’s money, so does the government have the right to talk about cutting that? This is mandatory spending.

Taking a step back and seeing how much money is actually in the budget could be a first step. Realizing what a large amount that number is.

Public service programs are always targeted for cuts, like parks, etc. and those programs are in place for a purpose. Military spending is also part of wasteful spending. When our own military says we don’t need something, the F-35 fighter jets, but the government continues to build them, wouldn’t that be considered wasteful spending?  (Instead of placing the money in other military programs we actually need.) This also includes security and military placement in other countries. How do you get other NATO countries to take more responsibility for their own countries security?

Planned Parenthood is always talked about in wasteful spending. The amount of money the federal government actually puts towards the program is miniscule comparatively.

Misty K. Snow asks.. “what are our priorities?”

For more on Misty K. Snows Platform on Wasteful Spending, click the Snow Storm link below and listen!

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