Kickstarter Utah: Velks


Ep.4 we voice our views on velcro… Velks is a company created by brothers Shae and Holden Russell. Their goal: to create velcro shoes for the modern man. Not only does this company offer fun and colorful velcro shoes, they also have a fancy dress shoe that you would never know was closed by velcro. Their kickstarter page was well laid out and it seemed that they had good pledge packages

Their goal was $20,000 and unfortunately they only made it to $7,267.  Good news is, if you go to their website you can still purchase a pair of Velks, which leads us to believe that this kickstarter may have been for getting them in mass production or to create future designs.

velks dress

Who says velcro shoes are just for kids!!

As we re-iterate in each episode, as a owner of a kickstarter it is always good to support another kickstarter and be part of the community.