Episode 82 That’s Civolicy, not Civolocity!


Something great about Utah, no matter the passion, we have people that are willing to fight. Whether it is Kate Kelly, Cat Palmer, Psarah Johnson, and Genevra Prothero.

Now we can add to that list, our episode 82 guest, Alexander Castagno, the president and founder of the Civolicy Lobbyist group.

What is Civolicy you might be asking yourself and why haven’t you heard of it yet? Civolicy is a brand new local grassroots organization focused on changing laws to better the lives of Utahns. Think of it as a lobbyist group for the people. It was founded in May of 2017 Alex wanted to form Civolicy of a lack of political structure that benefits the citizens of Utah directly instead of big business or backroom legislative deals. Their focus is on issue campaigns that will make Utah better. Alex says, “Our goal is for all citizens, young and old, to be involved in pushing for policy that benefit everyone. Our motto is “The power of the people”. Meaning that us, the people, have the real power to make change and must hold our local representatives accountable for our interests.

What is even more about Civolicy and Alex? The experience that he has at such a young age.

First and foremost he is passionate about politics and policy. Alexander served in the Utah Governor’s Office, and he has also served for a member of the United States Congress. Over his time in these offices he has met advocacy specialists and gained valuable knowledge on how to pursue his own advocacy efforts. Alexander has a B.A. degree in Political Science from the University of Utah and is attending George Washington University for a Masters Degree in Political Management. Alexander is currently the LGBT sub-committee leader and Legislative Policy sub-committee leader for the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition.
One of Alexanders big pushes is teen suicide prevention. We’ve talked about it many times on the show about the frightening teen suicide statistics that exist in Utah. The question is, what can Utah legislators do to help parents, to help kids, and to help any advocates that are willing to help kids that feel so helpless? Civolicy is also working on liquor law repeals and recently had involvement in the opening up of brewing/distilling in South Salt Lake.

You can find Alex and contribute to his group either financially or volunteering on Facebook, Twitter and their website, Civolicy.org.

Also, if you are feeling down, alone, or just need someone to talk to. We are here for you or you can call the Utah Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255

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