Kickstarter Utah: Block Forest


Ep.3 we talk about a kickstarter from Beeson Games: Block Forest. The kickstarter is based out of Riverton, Utah. The developer is interested in building games for major app stores. This kickstarter had a small start up and will most likely meet their goal plus more.

The synopsis says: Roll through an endless maze of cubes as you explore. Avoid enemies and build up your score! Developed by a 12 year old.

With each level you can get your own app, your own desktop version, a hackable version, and even a co-creator level.

block forest

This is a stellar 12 year old! Way to go kid. We wish you well with your new app game, Block Forest

As we re-iterate in each episode, as a owner of a kickstarter it is always good to support another kickstarter and be part of the community.