Kickstarter Utah: Joel Pack and a Minimalist Survival Wallet


For Ep.5, TNUPodcast visited 2 kickstarters.

Joel Pack, is a local recording artist to Utah. Joel also runs Rigby Road studios. His kickstarter is clever and very down to earth.  Joel lost all of his previous music rights to a bad studio deal and kickstarter is his way to put to press a new album for his fans. Joel has also offered a great set of rewards for the pledges, as much as to offer an in house performance for the 2nd highest pledge of $300 or more. (sounds like a lot of fun for the 2 backers of that pledge) 10 of the 13 songs for the album are already written and read to be mastered. Joel has a goal of $2,000 and he has surpassed that with $2,187. Good Luck Joel!

joel pack ks

The 2nd kickstarter we thought was going to be goofy, but as we watched the video all of us decided it was pretty freaking cool. Jake Fuller of Webbing Works, is the mind behind this, not so normal, minimalist wallet! As we watched the video we thought, this is just like every other one, however as soon as the cord is pulled and the flint is revealed… basically it’s survivalist magic!  He has great backer rewards, even a $1 pledge for people that “just want to help.” His goal was $1,000 and he has greatly surpassed it with $4,311! This would be  great for your friends and family that like to hike or be outdoors that don’t want to carry a thick wallet and may need to make a fire.

Oh! And it comes with a knife!


As we re-iterate in each episode, as a owner of a kickstarter it is always good to support another kickstarter and be part of the community.