Utah’s One Thing: Jeffrey Steadman of Yelp Utah


At the end of every New Utah interview we like to ask our guests, “What is the one thing that you would tell someone visiting Utah they had to do before leaving?”

Jeffrey Steadman, author and creative operational director at Yelp Utah and guest of episode 53, said that the one thing someone should do while visiting Utah is to meet a local. Jeffrey said to roll up to any brewery, restaurants, whatever … but engage a local because we have some of the most amazing people in the world. Jeffrey also said if it is just once that you are visiting Utah, the only reason you’d leave is to get your stuff to come back.



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Music by Folk Hogan, Bootleggers Dance

Episode 53 Do You Yelp?


Welcome, welcome!

First we want to thank Nick Passey and the dudes of Folk Hogan for allowing us to use their music for our new intro! We are proud to use local music.

What better way to start with our new year of The New Utah Podcast than with a company and person who is passionate about Utah?

We got to start our new year by having Jeffrey Steadman in studio. Jeffrey is the Senior Community Director for Yelp in Utah! Not only is he holding a coveted position in Yelp, he is also the author of “The Best In Tent Camping.”  Listen to Jeffrey talk about the impact of Yelp in the Utah scene. Yelp isn’t just a directory site, they are making sure that the people using it are included in activities and VIP parties all around the state! Of course we had to ask him what his favorite restaurants are, we believe his title should be, “Pokemon of Restaurants.” Don’t you think? You can find YelpSLC on Instagram (the best), Twitter, and Facebook! And of course download the app to take advantage of the new reservation feature.

What is your favorite place you have found using Yelp?



It is Pride weekend in Salt Lake! There is plenty to do including Utah’s premier drag impersonation show Viva La Diva’s Show at ClubX and the massive parade on Sunday. We also want to congratulate The New Utah Podcast alum, Misty K Snow, for winning the breaking barriers award from the Pride Festival this year!


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Music by local Utah Band: Bootleggers Dance by Folk Hogan