Episode 66 Gender Equality. Dead Last. Thanks Utah.


Episode 66 brought to you by Chris and his gambling tips.

Did you read that Utah ranked on WalletHub DEAD LAST, yep you read that correctly, dead last in gender equality. But of course, we’re not totally surprised. They ranked Utah based on 1. Equal treatment in workplace environment, 2. Education and health, 3. Political empowerment. You can read HERE about the rankings and where else Utah falls on areas such as share of lawmakers, doctor affordability, and math scores. If you could only see us shaking our heads, but this is a podcast so of course you can’t.

Sometimes we like to find lists of awesome things about Utah, and sometimes not so awesome. This week we ran down (ha, see what we did there) the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians. Good thing Jeremy and Bre made it out alive!

We also found a great list of 60 Cool and Unusual things to do in Utah! We said, count us in! So we started breaking it down for you. We will make sure to do a few until we run out.  What is your favorite unusual thing in Utah? How many of these did you know about! We love these lists always have some new Utah treasures. And many of them could be something to do if you’re visiting Utah.


Halloween EXPO tickets are on sale!! Join us and them on October 13-15th at the Southtowne Expo center for a fun pre-Halloween show. Events such as the hair battle, cast from Face Off, and cosplay contest are BACK! (PS. this is NOT A CONVENTION)

Swiss Days in Midway 1-5th

Sheep Dog Championship at Soldier Hollow 1-4th (make sure to go early in the weekend, everything does sell out!)

Folk Hogan Friday night at the Ice Haus with Murphy the Giant.

Righteous Miss Provo Pageant 3rd in Provo. Go support the local drag community in Provo!

By the way.. Jessica still might hate kids, just a little bit.

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Music by local Utah Band: Bootleggers Dance by Folk Hogan

Episode 21. Live action Troll dolls love to learn German.


21 Episodes. We’re legal!

This past weekend The New Utah Podcast had the opportunity to be guests at the Utah Halloween Expo and Show. Thank you to Rich, Jason, and Ryan. We recorded about 7 hours of interviews and Chris has been working hard to edit everything down and make sure it is quality listening for you. We will space these interviews over a few weeks.

Our guests included very talented and super outgoing Face Off Stars; Season 9 winner Nora Hewitt, Season 10 Walter Welsh, Season 10 Yvonne Cox, and Season 10 Robert Lindsay (who we learned some fun German from). We had Essex author (yes, THAT, Essex in England) Tracey Rolfe. We chatted with Utah Halloween Expo‘s, Rich Olsen and Jason Hogan. We had M&L Paranormal Investigators, and Susan Slaughter of Ghost Hunters International fame. The charming and talented Oskar and Julia, who are a local Utah Sauce band stopped by as well!








ROBERT LINDSAY: SEASON 10 6th RUNNER UP SYFY: FACE OFF (also check out his YouTube channel: Monologues of a Strange German Man)


We will be posting the rest of our interviews over the next couple weeks! Stay Tuned!!

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Ep. 20 Lazily Progressive


Where do we even start… We made it to 20 you guys! Thank you for sticking around so far. We have plenty more fun in store for you and love to hear your feedback and what YOU want to hear about Utah.

A couple of great events this weekend. I am Salt Lake podcast and I am Change are hosting a Domestic Violence Uncensored Panel this Friday at the Sorenson Unity Center tickets are $5. Drag Brunch SLC is this SUNDAY… have a delicious buffet breakfast while watching a broadway impersonation show!

The Halloween Expo is this weekend! We are so excited to be guests there in booth 344 at the back of the venue next to Castle of Chaos. We will be doing some Facebook live recordings, and making sure we get plenty of great interviews for those of you that can’t make it. If you CAN make it, make sure to purchase your tickets online with the 35% off PROMO code: THENEWUTAH


Sit down, and Hraefn Wulfson will tell you a story! Hraefn (the proper spelling of what you now know as, Raven) is the Master of Ceremonies for the Halloween Expo! He is also an artist and a special effects and production designer with a beautiful resume behind him. A Washington, to Los Angeles, to Arizona, to Utah transplant… well, we will let HIM tell the story…. (photo by Marc Reynolds)


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Episode 19: Gin, you bastard child…


Wow, 19! That means we are legal to vote… and buy cigars!! But mostly to vote. Speaking of voting, we are less than a month away from the vote. Make sure you are learning about your local candidates, including Misty K. Snow who is up against kid hater, Mike Lee! (yea, read more about Flint, Michigan)

This week, we celebrated the University of Utah Health Care #1 national ranking, as an academic, hospital with Josh who is very proud to be working for them!

Also, please don’t shoot the clowns. A Nation wide epidemic of scary clowns seems to be eeking their way to Utah. The police department says, don’t shoot! Perhaps you can just direct them to Utah’s #1 haunt, the Asylum 49 in Tooele?


All events this week  fall on Saturday, so choose wisely! The Harvest Festival at our friends at Petersen Farms, the nations largest Gluten Free Expo at the Southtowne Expo (not sure what that says about Utah’s Gluten health), and a kids trick or treat event at Crones Hollow.

Chris Barlow, of Beehive Distilling, joined us this week to talk about Gin. Did you know the ingredients of Gin are medicinal? We love a good education and can’t wait to visit the distillery for an educational tour and to try their barrel reserve! (especially since we are whiskey drinkers at heart) You can find Beehive distilling products at over 120 restaurants in Utah. So, make sure to ask for it and support local!




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2016 Utah Halloween Expo and Show discount


The New Utah Podcast is SO excited to have our own promo code for you to enjoy a discount at the first annual Utah Halloween Expo and Show. When paying for your adult or family pass just enter the code: THENEWUTAH and enjoy 35% off!!


Also, check out The New Utah’s interview with the founders and creators of the Utah Halloween Expo and show by clicking THE NEW UTAH

Ep.16 Every day is Halloween…


Episode 16 is buzzing into your ears… 16 means we missed celebrating our quinceanera! There wasn’t even cake…  This past week there was an adventure in apiculture and it proved to be quite bounteous for Josh and Jeremy!


Last weekend we were honored to be invited into the DINK studios owned by Kerry Jackson. Kerry is one of the hosts of Radio From Hell on local station x96. He is also one of the founding members of Geek Show podcast. It was great to talk to him about chickens, toys, and crazy family members. Part 1 of our interview is in this weeks podcast. Kerry, Thanks for letting us listen!!

We highly suggest that you Do NOT “Fuggedaboutit”(enter gratuitous eye roll here)… that is the Festa Ialiana! We may be in Utah but we have some amazing Italian restaurants and traditions that will be represented this weekend at the Gateway on the 16th and 17th.

festa italian utah.jpg

Another groundbreaking event that is going into its 4th year, is the Provo Pride Festival. We were joined by the sassy pin-up,  Miss Feral Ann Wilde, who was a former member on the board of trustee’s and was the first reigning Righteous Miss Provo in 2013! This event was created in the super conservative town of Provo to create inclusion for a community that often feels excluded. Events kick off on Friday the 16th and the festival continues Saturday the 17th. This weekend also brings your monthly Drag Brunch at Club X on the 18th!


Ok, now come in close and listen up! We promise that it’s not to early for Halloween talk! The New Utah Podcast was excited to be joined this week by the creators and minds behind Utah’s first Halloween Expo and Show. We are telling you now, this isn’t your mom’s Halloween craft show AND to add on top of the awesomeness, we got a “you heard it first” moment when they announced that contestants from SyFy’s FaceOff would be joining their event! This Halloween event will bring animatronics, Halloween hair battles, workshops, paranormal guests, and MORE! We can’t even begin to tell you the magic that Jason, Ryan and their team  have been putting together for Utah. We cannot wait to have them back!

The event runs October 14-16th and tickets are on sale now at UtahHalloweenExpoandShow.com

Keep up with announcements on Halloween Expo and Show Facebook and Instagram.


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