Episode 73: Our Adventures at the Utah Halloween Expo 2017 Part 1


Welcome to part one of our adventures at the Utah Halloween Expo and Show 2017! We were so grateful we were asked to come back to podcast at the show for their second annual show. This year the floor was bigger, our favorite SY-FY Channel Face Off guests were back, and we even went on a paranormal investigation with local team M&L Paranormal! (that episode will air soon)

Local Utah Author, Eliza Crosby, gave us some of her time. She talked to us about her first book, “Murder on the Pitch.” How she wrote two paranormal books based on local lore, “Whispers of Minersville” and “Curse of the Lost Love: Return to Minersville.” Eliza also gave us a glimpse into writing “The Eyeball Mysteries” and following her son around to get a feel of a pre-teenage boys life.

Some of our favorite highlights this year included David Ace’s Faces. David is a local custom mask maker based in northern Utah. Make sure you check him out, and yes, he does take orders on his Etsy Shop!

We sat through hair battles, local FX make-up competition, and our favorites guests from Sy-Fy’s Face-Off! This year Mel Licata, Ben Peter, and New Utah Podcast alum Yvonne Cox sat down with us and talked about coming back to Utah and being part of the UHE again. Of course we can’t forget one of our all time favorite Germans, Robert Lindsay! He did his interview with us in full make-up! Robert talked to us about his trip to China to teach special effects make-up and his love for karaoke!









We will be getting our investigation and the rest of our interviews up over the next couple weeks! STAY TUNED!

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