Episode 64 Kate Kelly is not her struggle…


You’re not your struggle. You can engage but you are a separate person.” –Kate Kelly

This week we were joined by attorney, activist, feminist, and all around phenomenal person; Kate Kelly.

You may know her as the former head and creator of Ordain Women who was violently ex-communicated from the LDS (Mormon) church. BUT we wanted to delve deeper because frankly she’s talked that subject to death and she has SO much more to say. We had an opportunity to talk to her about her upcoming law firm she will be opening(G.I.R.L.), her wiki page, her continued work on a book about slave breeding and how it shaped our country, her definition of being a feminist, and we got pretty passionate about Planned Parenthood with her. Excuse the emotions.  Kate has so much on her plate and her passion runs deep. And if the politics of it all are too much, you  may just love someone who loves mid-century modern, she’s fun to follow!

Oh! And we’re all in agreement that Orrin Hatch will be dying in office. Wah-wah…

You can follow her and get involved through her Twitter , her Instagram, or her Facebook. You can also find her at http://www.katekellyesq.com/

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