Utah’s One Thing: Dylan Mazziotti of Your Cre8tivity Podcast and Lennon Design


At the end of every New Utah interview we like to ask our guests, “What is the one thing that you would tell someone visiting Utah they had to do before leaving?”

Dylan Mazziotti of Lennon Design and the Cre8tivity Podcast joined us for episode 59. Dylan said that the one thing that someone visiting Utah must do before leaving is to check out Utah’s local comedians at the WiseGuys Comedy Club.

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Music by local Utah Band: Bootleggers Dance by Folk Hogan

Episode 59 Red Rover, Red Rover Send Dylan right over


Episode 59 we were visited by local podcaster and creator, Dylan Mazziotti. Dylan is the creative director (aka the owner) at Lennon Design and the host and producer of Your Cre8tivity podcast. We switched it up a little this time, we had New Utah Podcast alumn, Stephen Hatch, send us the questions! We learned about apartment living, why he wanted to start his own graphic design company (which is very successful and you probably know more of their logo’s than you thought), and how a blog evolved into a podcast!  We even got to be asked a question this time!

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Here is the link to the new Japanese Interment Camp museum in Topaz. If you get a chance to go hours are 11-5pm daily Monday-Saturday. There is no admission but please, we implore you to leave a donation. It took a long time to get this museum constructed.

Kids… firework damage is real. What do you think about cities enforcing a firework ban for the 24th of July? Jeremy had a home just blocks from his go up in flames because of fireworks.

Events this week include:

Our very own Chris has his birthday on the 19th!!!

Manchester United VS. Real Salt Lake on Monday 17th. Tickets ARE still available.

Fire on the Water is the 15th at Jordanelle.

Halloween in Summer on Main Street in Magna is happening on Saturday.

And if you know someone in need, New Utah alumn Aaron Bryant and Inspiro Recovery will be starting intake officially next week and having their grand opening!

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Music by local Utah Band: Bootleggers Dance by Folk Hogan