Episode 49 K-Pop Fries in your Belly!


Dear Utah,

There is, dare we say, BETTER Korean fusion food than only Cupbop and it is goes by the name: BumbleBee KBBQ.

Your friends, The New Utah podcast.

This week we were excited to be joined by one of the owners of Bumblebee Korean BBQ, Victor. His brother, who shall not be named, was on a cruise! Bumblebee is getting ready for the opening of their new store in West Valley and we wanted to hear more! We loved that it is a family operation from top to bottom. Did you know that Bumblebee KBBQ is the only Korean-American Fusion in Utah? Now you do! Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and make sure to stop into one of their stores for some K-Pop Fries!

OH! We forgot on the show to talk about how they just made Delish.com list of best wings in every state!

Bumblebee KBBQ

Event list break down for you:

Travis Tate is TONIGHT at Wiseguys… tickets are STILL $5. A TRUE PG rating.

Miss Harry-it Winston will be hosting a Tupperware party at ClubX on Sunday.


Go get licorice from C&C Candies at the Tulip festival, this is the last weekend of the festival at Thanksgiving point.

Lots of cool stuff coming up!!

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