Episode 77 Part 1: Our recap of City Weekly Best of Utah 2017 the Staff Picks


Music by local Utah Band:Last year we had so much fun going through all the picks for City Weekly’s Best Of Utah edition that we are back at it! This year’s magazine is gorgeous! We loved that it was a separate magazine from the actual publication.

This week we went through our personal favorite’s on the staff picks list for 2017! Even if you don’t agree with the places or people that were picked, the write-up’s alone are worth reading!

There are WAY too many favorites for us to post, so you will just have to listen this week!

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Ep. 28 You’ll get algae on your skates.


First, we must mourn the loss of a Utah Original… RIP Training Table.

Yes, it is cold outside. But don’t get stuck indoors this holiday season. The New Utah gives you a run down of some great events this weekend and all through the month of December to celebrate the holidays.

If you’re cold and you want to support local and need some coffee, head to Rose Park *not to be confused with Rosa Parks* and get some coffee from Buzzed Coffee Truck!  Trina is passionate about bringing this community together and we love this!


Pin Me Up Utah presents their 6th annual Rockin Christmas Toys for Tots concert at The Garage on Beck Street December 10th. If you want to stay close to home visit neighborhoods in Sugarhouse, Taylorsville, Kearns, and Draper to see amazing light displays. You can also visit the Salt and Honey Makers Market at the Gateway and get some of Indulge Eats tasty treats and visit Fresh Batch Designs while you are there too! There are opportunities to go ice skating around the valley whether you are outdoors or indoors. Does anyone know if there is still skating in Provo on Utah lake???


*BREAKING NEWS* (enter old timer news music here)

The New Utah Podcast is celebrating a little awesomeness this week. We got our first media shout out from Ted Scheffler at City Weekly! We loved going through some of their “best of Utah” list and we look forward to talking about all of the best of Utah.

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