Kickstarter Utah: Tactical Signaling Phone Case


Ep. 6  we found a kickstarter with a GREAT presentation… but we did find some flaws in the Tactical Signaling Phone case by CeroTactical. We think that the video is great and it is a total positive that it is short and gets to the point.. oh and we must mention it is a totally dance-able soundtrack. The kickstarter page is laid out nice and simple. It is neat to see a case with the hook and loop on it (aka velcro) because that is nothing anyone has been before. We like that they offer a reward level that is a “high five” because not everyone wants the product but may want to back the kickstarter. Each reward level offers anywhere from a patch to a package with multiple cases for you and your friends.

Their goal is $13,000 and they are currently at $2,124.

We were a little concerned it won’t get backed because it isn’t directly marketed towards a very specific audience (military or outdoorsy clientele) even though there is a little bit of mention of why they created the phone case the way they did because of specific gear they observed. We are also concerned because technology sizes are changing and people are constantly upgrading and maybe that is a reason it isn’t being backed as quickly as other projects we have watched.

Good Luck guys!


As we re-iterate in each episode, as a owner of a kickstarter it is always good to support another kickstarter and be part of the community.