Kickstarter Utah: Armored Core™ RTS


Episode 9 brings to you a board game by local designers, Bad Crow Games, Armored Core™ RTS – A Real Time Strategy Board Game.

We have two game designers on the podcast, so they jumped right into the pro’s and con’s of this board game. First is that it is awesome they got the rights to the Armored Core video game to create a board game. The video is great because it shows the layout of the game and we are curious if the footage is from previous games or if they made it themselves, either way, impressive.

We noticed this group has a broken link for their Facebook page on the kickstarter. Once you find it though, one of the concerns we had about rules are currently posted on their Facebook and that is pretty helpful.

We have questions about licensing, if the design will change, and just how simple it is. We do like that they have backed 12 projects already. This is the first kickstarter we have seen with lofty backer amounts. $75 gets you a core set and it just goes up from there. The ultimate bundle is gone, and the ultimate bundle extension pack only has a few left.

Armored Core Board Game

Their goal was $75,000 and they are currently exceeding that at $239,845. They are projected at almost $1,000,000. Will that bring about any upgrades? We think it needs lasers!!

As we re-iterate in each episode, as a owner of a kickstarter it is always good to support another kickstarter and be part of the community.

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