Episode 81 Pop Culture Thrift Store Paintings


The air might be bad and giving bloody noses, but it doesn’t stop Santa from taking a leak in downtown Salt Lake on the sidewalk!

December is our month of Cats! Cats with a ‘C‘ and Kats with a ‘K’! This week we were joined by local business owner and artist, Kat Martin. Kat gave us a history of how she started her own cleaning company when she was just 19! Kat’s Cleaning SLC  services the Salt Lake City area, and is ranked as the best cleaning company on Yelp! We can’t argue with that. We made sure to ask her about hoarders, what the grossest thing she’s ever cleaned, and of course what she won’t touch.

Always interesting to hear the people you think have their lives together are completely a mess at home! Kat also gave some tips for cleaning during the holiday season.

Now, if you don’t know Kat for her mad cleaning skills; you may know her from Salt Lake Comic Con, the Urban Flea Market, or the Downtown Salt Lake Farmers Market as Altered Landscapes. “Pop Culture on Thrift Store Art.” Kat has scoured the valley DI’s, Saver’s, and estate sales to find old paintings to add a bit of pop culture to. However, she does have enough paintings to last a while so please don’t drop them off on her porch… unless it is a commission piece, of course. Recently she got to present one of her paintings to John Barrowman! Whether your shtick is Dr. Who, Spider-man, Super Mario Brothers, Star Wars, or Rick and Morty Kat has or will make a piece to go with your fandom. Kat will Bob Ross the shit out of a painting for you. (More than it already has been, of course.) Kat loves working on other paintings such as portraits and her famous yearly Christmas cards.
















You can find her work on her Etsy store, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Deviant Art, and Tumblr!

Note to self, if you high kick with Kat Martin and you want to document it, use Boomerang instead of trying to take a picture.

Congrats go out this week to our friends at Olio Skin and Beard Co. They opened up a meditation/yoga studio across from their shop in SugarHouse this week. Follow them on OLIO MIND for class schedules.


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