Episode 52: ALL Roads Indeed Lead to Peter!


Happy Anniversary to Us!


Episode 52 is the end of our first year. We can’t say thank you enough to everyone that has participated and been excited to be part of The New Utah Podcast. We have so many amazing people in Utah and we look forward to a new year of meeting more!

For our end of year show we were joined by the lovely Melinda, who is the owner and brain behind Thyme and Place. Melinda chatted with us about her journey from the corporate world (literally) to a passion for plants. If you need to incorporate plants into your home and are afraid of killing them, don’t worry, she offers air plants and succulents that need little attention. Maybe you need a place to just meditate and  get your hands dirty, Thyme and Place should be it! Melinda was even so kind to bring us a beautiful Rubber Tree as an anniversary gift! And Melinda gets full credit for our show title this week, it’s true… the roads do all lead to Peter.

You can find her at 362 E 900 S in Salt Lake City. Keep up with her events and workshops on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


Every episode we ask our guests, “what is the ONE thing you would tell someone visiting Utah that they must do before leaving.” This week we each went through what our “one things” are.

Chris said The Chocolate.

Bre said go to a Real Salt Lake game.

Jeremy said hit up some local ghost towns.

Jessica said eat local (Hub & Spoke Diner, Grove Market and Deli, India Palace Provo Utah) and finish up with a drive up the Alpine loop and stop at Treasures Antique Mall in Springville!

We recapped of some of our favorite episodes and events we took part in. It was pretty much unanimous that Utah Halloween Expo was our favorite event (episodes 21 and 22)!

We’d love to hear what were some of your favorite episodes? Do you have a favorite show title or guest?

What would you like to see us talk about and do this new year?

Again, we look forward to a stellar new year with more amazing people that represent the heart and soul of Utah! Thank you again to everyone who has made this happen for us.

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