Utah’s One Thing: Aaron Bryant, Clinical director at Inspiro Recovery Utah


At the end of every New Utah interview we like to ask our guests, “What is the one thing that you would tell someone visiting Utah they had to do before leaving?”

Aaron Bryant, clinical counselor, author, and boxing instructor, joined us for episode 56! Aaron’s one thing he said someone visiting Utah should do before leaving is to go rockhounding! Head out to the middle of nowhere and you will be able to find old rocks and old mines all over Utah! Here is a list from the Utah Geological Survey (click on the picture for the links). You can also find sites through Google as well. Utah is known for topaz, geodes, quarts, obsidian, and gypsum just to name a few!

rock hounding utah list

**make sure you are not trespassing when rockhouding. Be respectful of the space you are in**

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Episode 56 Tribe Rejects and the Homelessness culture in Utah

Occasionally we need to ground ourselves and talk on a bit more serious level. We haven’t done that really since the election season.

For episode 56  Aaron Bryant sat down with us for a chat about his past, Salt Lake City’s homeless community and his own personal experiences with that “tribe,” and his new job with Inspiro Recovery. Aaron has taken a job as the clinical director for the upcoming recovery center, Inspiro Recovery, which will be opening in mid-July.

Inspiro Recovery is taking a different approach than other recovery/rehab centers in Utah by focusing on peer recovery services. We think that it will be a great addition to our state which is reported to have one of the highest rates of opioid addiction among other addictions.


inspiro recover mission

We have talked a lot about the homeless epidemic in Utah over the last few months because of the rapid increase. Aaron was able to give us a very unique perspective on addiction and Utah’s homeless situation. He shared with us his own story of addiction and recovery. From the lowest low to now carrying two master’s degrees. Aaron is in long term recovery and is the author of the memoir, Synchronous Memoir of Addiction and Recovery, which illustrates his journey in recovery, and his passion to support individuals in making positive life transformations. His book is still available!


If you know someone that is in need or you yourself are in need of the services of Inspiro Recovery, please reach out to 888-I-GOT-HOPE.


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