Episode 26: Small Business Saturday Utah Version


Welcome to 26 friends! We hope everyone had a tasty and peaceful Thanksgiving, and we hope your political conversations were civil and kept to a minimum. (and if you had good heated conversations, we want to hear about it!)

The New Utah Podcast was so excited to finally snag owner/sales/marketing guru and photographer, Steve Conlin, of Utah’s very own… Ogden’s Own. Yep, you know them as the producers of Five Wives Vokda, Underground, and the new Porters series (peach and fire) Forget the fireball you are shooting at the bar kids… Porter’s Fire is what you need in your life. It was awesome to hear him talk about the psychology of alcohol marketing, the laws of tailgating at the University of Utah and alcohol, and he even gave us an exclusive of upcoming product!

You know you’re excited!!!


As black friday is in full force, just a reminder from your friends at the New Utah Podcast that tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. Get out, support your local businesses that are based in Utah. Buy some Five Wives, go to a locally owned restaurant, just support the people of your community and buy local.

And if you want to get out tonight, Drag Dinner show Viva La Diva is at Club X for their once a month performance!



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Episode 19: Gin, you bastard child…


Wow, 19! That means we are legal to vote… and buy cigars!! But mostly to vote. Speaking of voting, we are less than a month away from the vote. Make sure you are learning about your local candidates, including Misty K. Snow who is up against kid hater, Mike Lee! (yea, read more about Flint, Michigan)

This week, we celebrated the University of Utah Health Care #1 national ranking, as an academic, hospital with Josh who is very proud to be working for them!

Also, please don’t shoot the clowns. A Nation wide epidemic of scary clowns seems to be eeking their way to Utah. The police department says, don’t shoot! Perhaps you can just direct them to Utah’s #1 haunt, the Asylum 49 in Tooele?


All events this week  fall on Saturday, so choose wisely! The Harvest Festival at our friends at Petersen Farms, the nations largest Gluten Free Expo at the Southtowne Expo (not sure what that says about Utah’s Gluten health), and a kids trick or treat event at Crones Hollow.

Chris Barlow, of Beehive Distilling, joined us this week to talk about Gin. Did you know the ingredients of Gin are medicinal? We love a good education and can’t wait to visit the distillery for an educational tour and to try their barrel reserve! (especially since we are whiskey drinkers at heart) You can find Beehive distilling products at over 120 restaurants in Utah. So, make sure to ask for it and support local!




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Episode 18: Return from Whore Island.


Chris’ mouth is back from Whore Island and Jeremy’s hand is on the mend… OH and we made it to episode 18!

This week we had a lot to talk about. Tornado’s, debates, and a Zion ceiling? Really Utah liquor laws… you’re making us look like children.

Don’t forget that the Halloween Expo and Show is in 2 weeks and 3 days! We still have our promo code: THENEWUTAH that will get you 35% off any adult or family pass. Click on the picture to direct you to purchase tickets.


We love when our guests are also our events! Jennifer, owner/operator of Mountain West Cider , joined us for this weeks episode. We loved trying their three ciders; 7 mile, Cottonwood, and Ruby. Did you know their ciders are named after mountains in Utah?? Now you do! We can’t wait to make a trip to the cidery!


Mountain West Cider also brings us to this weeks big event! 4th West Oktoberfest brought to you by Mountain West Cider and Red Rock Brewing. A 3 day event at Mountain West Cider’s building on 425 N and 400 W, your taste buds will be happy between Utah’s own Poutine Your Mouth, Bumblebee KBBQ, and many others. Less we forget the amazing brews at your hands as well! There will be live music and GIANT Jenga!

Tickets are $7 a day. THE NEW UTAH is giving away 4 one day passes on our Facebook if you can tell us what we think the cider master title SHOULD be (hint, it’s in our episode)!


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2016 Utah Halloween Expo and Show discount


The New Utah Podcast is SO excited to have our own promo code for you to enjoy a discount at the first annual Utah Halloween Expo and Show. When paying for your adult or family pass just enter the code: THENEWUTAH and enjoy 35% off!!


Also, check out The New Utah’s interview with the founders and creators of the Utah Halloween Expo and show by clicking THE NEW UTAH

Ep. 14 STILL not whiskey sours…


Episode 14 of the New Utah Podcast and the toxic algae is back!! We hope that Jeremy’s hair and farm continue to thrive… And yes, Jessica can’t do math.. This is actually the 4th year of Comic con, not the 3rd!

Salt Lake Comic Con is taking place this weekend from Sept 1st (that is tomorrow) to Sept 3rd. This will be the 4th actual Comic Con event, but because of the bi-annual convention FanX it feels like way more! Held at the Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake, there are still some tickets available. Guests this year include Mark Hamill (Thursday only), William Shatner (Thursday Only), Ian Somerhalder, Catherine Bach, Stephen Amell, Michael Rooker, Famke Jensen, Lou Ferrigno, Henry Winkler, and TNUPodcasts OWN Joshua Butterfield, just to name a handful! If celebs aren’t your thing go and spend your time wandering artist alley and support many local artists such as Rybread Studio, Kat Martin, Salt City Strangers, The Truffle Cottage, and SO many more. Don’t forget to buy and most importantly compliment and talk to the artists! Josh has a panel on Friday night at 7pm (Table top gaming on a budget) and Saturday at 2pm (History of Comics by Decade: 1970’s) so go bug him!

And a shout out to Chris Provost and his AWESOME jokes!!!


If you want to get out of town and into some fresh air, the Vita Bone Sheep Dog Championship is up at Solider Hollow Friday to Monday. See some of the most precise sheep dog training in the world, literally. 44 entries from Canada to Scotland will be competing over the weekend.

This week we were joined by celebrity chef, Viet Pham. We know he is super humble and hates that but he deserves it! We get to talk to him about moving to Utah, his passion for foraging (which we look forward to having him back to talk more about), his relationship with Food Network, his upcoming show on National Geographic, and his new restaurant Pretty Bird! We will post an update when we hear when the show will air!

viet pham forager

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Ep. 10 Stalking Kitchen Eighty Eight and dirty whore mouths.


Episode 10 is in your face, unlike a stalker waiting around the corner for you… That was creepy a little creepy, huh. Sound quality issues aside… we had a great show!

We were excited to have Brandon Clark, the owner of the SUPER delicious and fresh Kitchen Eighty-Eight food truck. It was great hearing his back story, his passion for food and what he is doing with that passion, going to school at the CIA (that’s the prestigious Culinary Institute of America) although it is fun to just say “CIA.” If you are in the in Utah County area, check out Brandon’s fresh and perfectly cooked meat and potato offerings. Find out where he will be on Instagram @kitcheneightyeight or Facebook Kitchen Eighty Eight

kitchen 88 utah

The UFC® fights are punching and kicking their way to Utah for the first time! With 12 fights and one local fighter, Court McGee, it looks to be a great round of fights. Despite what the guys say about being a lack lustre fight card… let’s be honest, anyone who is brave enough to get their ribs kicked and their face punched is a great fight card!

UFC Fight Mcgee Utah

This weekend is the Taste of the Wasatch at Solitude Ski resort. Tickets are $105 and the event will feature 50 Utah chefs! That alone is worth the price, but to add to the awesomeness 100% of the money will go to fight Utah hunger.


The Salt Lake Comic Con sponsored Zombie walk is August 7th. Come dressed up, get dressed up there, and wander the streets. If you bring a bag of non-perishable food for the Utah Food bank you will receive a Thursday pass to Comic Con (Sept.1st-3rd).

The New Utah talks about how two Utah cities make the list for top places for entrepreneurship! Livibility.com teamed with BusinessClimate.com and Entrepreneur magazine to rate the best cities in America for being an entrepreneur. Provo rated at #3 and Salt Lake City at #12!

And hear Chris not let Josh be right… even though he was. Thanks Harry-It Winston!

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