Episode 83. Part 2 our recap of City Weekly Best of 2017: The Readers Edition


Happy End of 2017! It seemed like this year went so fast but at the same time it was never going to end. Our final show of the year (episode 83) we wanted to attend to part 2 of our City Weekly Best of 2017 recap: The Readers Edition! You can catch our run through of the staff picks on episode 77.

We still stand firm with our statement from last year, We do not approve of people voting for corporate stores that aren’t based in Utah. We have plenty of awesome locals. We also want to add to this; hey readers, there are PLENTY of amazing places and people in Utah that you are missing out on because you are voting for the same place every year. *coughCafeRiocough* *coughCupBopcough* *coughWaffleLovecough* One of the things we really love is that City Weekly includes a cool space in each county in Utah every year.

We at the New Utah Podcast extend a challenge to you for 2018, Expand your Utah horizons! Use these lists as a guide and get to know Utah a little bit more intimately! *covering eyes*

The magazines are not available anymore, however, you can find the link HERE and you can scroll on your phone while you are in your bathroom to get inspired for your next Utah adventure. Use this list to explore a part of Utah you might not have thought of visiting. Restaurants you may have not thought about eating at. Parks you haven’t visited. Artists you haven’t admired their work yet. And so on. Take a listen to this weeks episode, we definitely covered our loves, what we thought should be added, and what we were confused made the list.

We would love to hear what you would add to the ballot!

This week we also said goodbye to one of our podcast buddies, Chris and Bre’s dog, Lia. She joined us for many episodes and waited out the door patiently for us to finish recording many episodes. She will be missed.

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