Episode 79 Driving your feel goods with the Dude.


Episode 79 was filled with SO much information it is hard to pick where to begin.

This week we had activist/volunteer/former Mayoral candidate/veteran and just a dude, Josh Cameron, sit down and have an in-depth discussion with us. We trampled on politics, the political climate, his service in the military, why he leans the way he does politically, his activism throughout Utah, and of course his Jay and Silent Bob drinking game! What more could one ask for in a visit?

**DISCLAIMER: If puke stories gross you out, you might want to skip this one. Between Josh and Chris’s hot car drinking stories, well, maybe just don’t eat before listening?

Josh’s passion for politics haven’t been jaded by his drinking games. He is doing what many protestors out there are not doing and that is acting. He ran a campaign for West Valley Mayor, he is involved in the WOLF-PAC (and we don’t mean like the kind in the movie, The Hangover), he is a precinct chair for the Democratic Party in his district, and he is strategically thinking about his next role in our community. He does have a day job too, doing research with USTAR. Josh is currently volunteering with a new app called, Our Voice Initiative, which is a space where candidates anywhere in the country can get their policies, ideas, and issues uploaded. Voters can then take a quiz based on policies and then they can make a more educated vote, versus just voting for a candidate. You can find Josh on Twitter, his YouTube channel, and on Facebook

We look forward to having Josh back as the mid-term elections roll around. Our reminder, it is super important to vote for local candidates over our POTUS. Start small.

Looking for amazing Christmas lights? Utah has plenty, from top to bottom! The Desert News listed 30 Christmas Light events around the state, click HERE.


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