Episode 74 Paranormal Investigation Chaos


Welcome to part two of our Utah Halloween Expo and Show adventures!

It’s true… three of us went on a paranormal investigation with local Utah paranormal group, M&L Paranormal Investigations at the Castle of Chaos after hours.

Before we took this step into chaos, we had the opportunity to interview occultist, Dr. Jymie Lynn Darling.  Yes, she really has a PhD! We could talk to Jymie for hours and we sure hope she comes back to Utah! At one time Jymie owned the oldest occult shop in the country. She has advised on television shows and movies about religion such as J.A.G. and Pirates of the Caribbean. We talked with her about how she got involved in the occult and about her visit to Utah. Since she is Hollywood we also had to ask if she had any run in’s with the Church of Scientology. Her blog is super cool to read through so check it out HERE. This was before our investigation so we didn’t get a wrap up of what she thought about being in the Castle of Chaos. Let’s just say, she licked a bone…

At 1am we met at Castle of Chaos in Midvale, Utah to join the team of M&L Paranormal Investigations, Jymie Darling, and Susan Slaughter for their first time in that building. At one time the building was a bowling alley, which it still is upstairs. It was also at one time club Tropicana. When it was this club, it was rumored that there was a lot of Mexican cartel movement. That came with numerous rumored murders as well. Between team members getting sick, cast members passing out, and Jessica getting touched, it was an eventful night. Kris Langman of M&L Paranormal gives us a recap of her night. Chris, Bre, and Jessica also give a recap of their night.

PS. If you have an app on your phone that has anything to do with paranormal, remember… it is JUST for entertainment purposes. Go invest in real equipment if you are passionate about investigating.

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