Episode 51: Utah’s OTHER Waterpocket


This weeks episode should be titled, “Living out of a suitcase makes you weird…”

This week we we got an awesome insight into Alan Scott, one of the co-founders of Utah’s NEWEST up and coming distillery, WaterPocket! He also brought us some of their whiskey! Which we are always grateful for.

WaterPocket Distillery has been distilling since February but they are getting ready to have their grand opening June 2nd in West Valley Utah! That means they will be ready to sell out of their production shop. You know, laws and things like that that has to be done so you can officially open. WaterPocket Distillery is what happens when you get the drive and experience of one man (Alan) and the genius and background of one woman (Julia) and they put their heads together.  Why the name WaterPocket you ask? Well, you’ll just have to listen! Yes, there are other distilleries in Utah, so what makes them unique? They will be producing a couple of regular spirits, but they will also be curating their own liqueurs. That is HUGE because there is no other liqueur producer in Utah doing that! We are intrigued and very excited and cannot wait to go visit. This looks like a long and happy relationship between the New Utah Podcast and WaterPocket Distillery. You can follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Take a listen and let us know what you think of distillery number 13 in Utah!


Events around town this weekend include:

Living Traditions Festival the 19-21st at the City Hall building in SLC.

Chubby’s Cafe in Saratoga Springs is hosting their first crawfish boil on the 20th.

Lantern Festival in Tooele at the Motorpark Complex on the 20th where you can send off your hopes and dreams into the night sky.

Don’t forget NEXT week is Mountain West Cider’s new cider release party on the 24th for Desolation Prickly Pear Cider! Proceeds benefit the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance! We love a good cause.

Let us know if you have any events upcoming! We know summer is going to be full of them!

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