Ep 45 Mushroom farms in Fillmore?


Episode 45 of the New Utah Podcast taught us a lot about Cambodia tradition, Fillmore Utah, and British swear words.

We were fortunate enough to snag Chanda Chuon, the director of the Khemera Dance Troupe, before he got too busy prepping for the Cambodian New Year celebration here in Utah. Chanda taught us about the history of the new year celebration, the madness behind Pol Pot and traditional dancers that survived, and his involvement and the importance of carrying on the memories and history of traditional Cambodian dance. Did you know only 40 dancers survived the Pol Pot genocide? It might be Easter weekend, but it is always good to step oustide of your comfort zone and appreciate other religions and cultures. Head to the Utah Cambodian Community Buddhist Temple on April 14-16th to celebrate and eat some amazing food (Jessica suggest’s the fried spring rolls and lemonade) and see some great culture here in our own backyard!! You can also follow Chanda and his dancers on their Facebook Page HERE

**update on events. The Kite festival at the U of U has been postponed to May 6th because this weekend there is suppose to be snow!

Don’t miss this upcoming weekend the opening of the Tulip festival (yes, it is suppose to be bad weather) at Thanksgiving Point which runs til May. AND you can get the delicious licorice that Chris, Jessica, and Bre are always talking about from C&C Candies! The Chocolate and Cheese festival and the National History Museum runs Saturday to Sunday. We also send out good juju for Real Salt Lake to win a game this weekend!

We also did a very special Utah’s One Thing for our Irish podcasting friend Peter Donegan, of The Sod Show, so stay tuned for that to be posted!

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