Episode 39: No He-Man Woman Haters Here!


Wow! What can we say. Episode 39 is full of GIRL POWER!!

The New Utah Podcast was welcomed into PSarah Johnson’s home this week, she even let us use her heated toilet seat with the landing strip lights! Who is this PSarah (yes, that is spelled correctly) you say?? She is the caucus director of Utah Women Unite. Yes, those amazing women who put together Utah Women’s March in January. The women that are fighting the good fight! She also tells us how that “p” got in front of her name.  If you are looking to get involved, she has plenty of opportunities for you. Utah Women Unite holds their meetings the first Wednesday of each month at the Clubhouse on South Temple. They have feminist bingo coming up on the 27th, the Ignored but Not Silenced Direct Action on March 8th, and the Show Us Your Green Gala on St. Patrick’s Day. Join Utah Women Unite Facebook group for future events and to do something!


Photo by Ginny Huo

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! We told you about it weeks ago (HERE) We gave away our tickets to Wizarding Dayz and now the day is upon us. There are still tickets available for this hands on, magical experience Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th! Bring  your books to donate or exchange, learn about alchemy from Crit Killen, or take a class on runes from our friend Prof HG VonHimmel (aka Hraefn Wulfson) If you love Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Harry Potter this is where you want to be this weekend. It isn’t set up like Comic Con, it is hands on!!


Fisher Brewing Company is opening on the 25th on 320 W. 800 S. We are excited to have another brewery in town! Nick Passey and Folk Hogan is playing at The Green Pig on Friday and A Bar Named Sue on State on Saturday! And the Be The Good Utah organization is doing a silent auction that our friends Olio Beard and Skin Co. is involved with on Saturday, February 25th 6-8pm at Dynamic Solutions Freight Transfer warehouse. (3110 West Director’s Row)

Our THENEWUTAH 25% off code is STILL good for any purchase on OlioSkin.com!! Purchase your skin and beard oil and let us know what you think.

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