Episode 35: Let’s get Chocolate Wasted!


Nothing is sweeter than pure, unadulterated, swiss chocolate! The New Utah’s guest this week brought some to share!! Jennie Hales is founder and owner and mind-blowing creator of The Truffle Cottage. Based in Utah County, they don’t have a store front, but their popularity is surging because of their presence at Comic Cons around the country. You can also purchase their nerd-themed chocolates on their website too! Next events include our own FanX in March, ECCC, and many more!

Jennie tells us an amazing story of Carrie Fisher and The Truffle Cottage chocolate. In honor of Carrie, through the last of the month, they are still donating a percentage of Star Wars chocolate  sales to the Depression and Bi-Polar Alliance. SO BUY ALL THE CHOCOLATES!



It’s good to have a place you can talk about intense and passionate topics. So… the death penalty.. are you for or against?? It is up for debate again this legislative session…

We also came up with some of our favorite Utah Brunch places… What are some of your favorites? A very small handful of our favorites include:

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