Episode 34 Taking a ride on the Ativan…


The New Utah Podcast met up this week with an old friend, local author David J. West. We met at the Halloween Expo in October and we’re so excited to have him on this week to talk about his new book, “Scavengers (A Porter Rockwell Adventure)” which is being released on January 24th through Amazon. (but you can pre-order now!) David even has a special running next week for the release of Scavengers!! (which you’ll just have to listen to get your deal)  From Montana, to Los Angeles, settling in Utah. David has found a passion and knack for writing historically based western, sci-fi, fantasy and horror (not whore) books! The new release focuses on local Utah favorite, Porter Rockwell!!


Sundance starts TODAY!!! Download the app, and get out to see some great movies and remember to support your local restaurants while you are out and about. The time has come *sigh* and this week we have a transition of power *coughTrumpcough*  This weekend is the Women’s March on DC and there are several Women’s Marches happening in Utah this weekend. The largest are on Saturday the 21st on Main Street in Park City and Monday the 23rd at the State Capitol (which coincides with the first day of Utah Legislature in session).  The beautiful DC to PC poster below is by local artist, Lindsey E. Larsen Myer is available for purchase in Park City (info at the bottom of the picture).


And if you’re feeling brave … head to Utah Lake State Park on Saturday for the Frigid 5k and Penguin Plunge!!!

Then head to Club X on Sunday for your monthly fill of Drag Brunch with our friend Harry-It Winston!



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