Episode 25: Road fairies and beaver cheese!


First of all, THANK YOU! We made it to 25. A whole quarter of a century, and none of us even got an anniversary gift… It’s silver by the way.


All of the numbers might not be counted but the election season it’s over. We are back to normal formatting. The New Utah had lots of news to talk about this week, from cities being shorted on their gas tax money (road fairies) to Trump being elected and how we feel about it. It is also nice to know that people can have a change of heart, and it looks like a Utah judge nominee has done just that. Previously known for rash anti- LGBT ideas, it seems that Kraig Powell has made some positive changes and apologized at the committee confirmation last week. We also talked about a new museum going up to honor those that were killed in a camp in Salina at one of the U.S. worst POW massacres.

Holly gave us the feels with her experience of going to Officer Brothersons funeral. Our thoughts are with the family both immediate and the brotherhood that has lost this officer too soon.

officer brotherson end of watch.jpg

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