Misty K. Snow Vs. Mike Lee: Medical Marijuana and health care


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Misty K. Snow met with The New Utah Podcast on September 13th, 2016 to discuss her platform on legalization of medical marijuana and health care vs. Mike Lee and his passive actions towards medical marijuana and his constant fight to defund the Affordable Care Act.

Legalization of Marijuana:

Misty is passionate about decriminalization of marijuana at a federal level. Federal and state laws are conflicting and it would beneficial to get rid of the federal prohibition for states to be able to pass laws for medical use. Misty K. Snow is also passionate about the benefits to medical marijuana, “these are people we know,” she said regarding the use. There would also be tax benefits in making marijuana a legal substance.  People should not be prosecuted for choosing to use medical marijuana over addictive opiods when it is the only thing that may work for the persons ailment and in the long term will do less addictive damage.

Mike Lee has no opinion listed when it comes to Marijuana legalization. In a C-Span interview in 2015 he said, “I’m looking at this legislation and I haven’t made a decision on it yet. It’s worth considering.” He has however made an effort towards criminal justice reform though. There was a case here in Utah that a colleague put a man in jail for 55 years for selling marijuana to an undercover cop, but Lee has asked for clemency and so has the judge that put him away. That person, Weldon Angelos, was recently released.

Although it passed, Mike Lee voted NAY on the opiod bill, one of only 2 senators to vote against a bill that would provide research, access to treatment, and limit on MedicarePart D Beneficiaries to one pharmacy and one provider for prescriptions. The bill would also authorize federal grants to find alternatives for opiod abusers instead of jail. Mike Lee, ““did not believe the legislation was likely to help solve the problem, nor did he believe it was properly paid for.” Even Orrin Hatch voted for this bill and Utah has one of the highest opiod addictions in the country.

Health Care:

Misty K. Snow believes that the Affordable Care Act has been beneficial but there are still about 30 million people un-insured which means there is still a lot of work to do. It is a good first step though. Medicare/Medicaid need to be expanded and access to health care needs to be more affordable and accessible. There has to be a way to re-think health care and provide better expansions, there has to be options for access, and the realization that health care is a human right.

Mike Lee has been on a mission to defund the Affordable Care Act stating it gives too much power to the government. At the time Senator Mike Lee sent a very strong worded letter to Harry Reid about repealing Obama Care. However  while they try over and over, Republicans have failed and instead of just offering an alternative they just keep swinging at air.

Remember you can vote for the Senate and live ANYWHERE in Utah. That means even in Moab, Eureka, and Logan!

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