Ep.8 Lagoon is Cool, so is Fry Sauce & don’t forget Pie and Beer day!


Ep. 8 of The New Utah Podcast is upon you.

We found a Utah Kickstarter that is WELL over it’s goal and will have your ears buzzing. A wireless headphone set… BUT it does come with some questions.

On the 19th the TNUPodcast celebrates our pod-ministrators day of birth! (Happy Birthday Chris)

Speaking of Utah traditions, this weekend commences the Pioneer Day Celebrations around the state to commemorate Utah and the pioneers coming into the valley. Do any other states celebrate like Utah, we don’t think so! There are celebrations from the tip of southern Utah to the top up in Logan! Even in Park City, High West Distillery is celebrating with a tasty BBQ!

If you don’t want to celebrate Pioneer day, there is PIE & BEER day! Yep, you read that correct. There are celebrations at the Madeline Choir School and at the Beer Bar presented by KRCL in downtown Salt Lake.

pie and beer day  sltrib

Another great event happening this weekend is the Ales for ALS at Uinta Brewery. Every pint that is sold, $1 will be donated to the ALS Therapy Development Institute and Uinta Brewing will release a new brew at that time. For more information visit alesforals.com

Did you know Utah has had it’s amusement park, Lagoon, since 1896? 2016 brings forth the celebration of Lagoon Amusement Park’s 130th birthday.   We touch on some of the crazy and fun things that have happened to the park, including fires, floods, and shutting down for 3 years because of WWII. Oh and don’t forget the amazing musicians that have visited over the years. We also softened Josh’s heart towards the park.

We love Atlas Obscura’s article on the history of Fry Sauce and why Utah is so crazy about it. Nothing says Utah more than the pretty pink sauce that Utahns dip their french fries in. From Article Circle, Purple Turtle, and various other Utah restaurants where it can be found. You will find each has a little different taste and if you are out of state and someone asks you for ketchup and mayo, they are probably making fry sauce. Do you have a favorite?



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