Kickstarter Utah: MUV


In Ep.2 this week we reviewed the MUV kickstarter, an adaptable water filter that gives you clean water wherever your adventure leads, created by Daniel Beck of Salt Lake City. From the looks of this kickstarter, this company Renovo Water, has been working on prototypes for quite some time. This page has a lot of information, we’re wondering if it is too much? MUV is definitely thorough in explaining the build process and what each filter includes. Each pledge level gave backers a different amount of extra equipment and refills to help make the filter last. A cool note about this kickstarter, for pledges over $85 they donated a filter to Water is Life foundation.

They did make their goal with $65,097 from a $30,000 goal.

muv water filter

As we re-iterate in each episode, as a owner of a kickstarter it is always good to support another kickstarter and be part of the community.